North Cyprus

Your property in North Cyprus – a thriving island in the Mediterranean.

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North Cyprus

Cyprus, the sun-drenched island in the eastern Mediterranean, attracts people from all over the world looking for an attractive place to live. With its mild Mediterranean climate, breathtaking coastal landscapes and rich culture, Cyprus offers a unique quality of life.

The island combines the best of both worlds: Modern cities with vibrant life and traditional villages where time seems to stand still. Cyprus offers a wealth of leisure activities, be it relaxed sunbathing on the beaches, water sports in the turquoise blue sea or exploring historical sites and picturesque hiking trails.

9 Reasons for North Cyprus

320 Days of sun

Low living costs with high quality standards

40% increase in property value within the last 3 years

Growing popularity as a vacation destination

Fantastic beaches, picturesque mountains & serene villages

Tax benefits plus low real estate prices

Embrace the safe and peaceful living

Legal certainty at the land registry

Numerous direct flights

Safe and economically attractive

Enjoy your life

Another attraction of Cyprus is its first-class infrastructure, first-class educational institutions and a well-established healthcare system. The low crime rate and welcoming culture contribute to the safety and enjoyment of life on the island.

Cyprus also offers economic advantages, including an attractive tax system that encourages business start-ups and investment. The island’s location at the heart of the Mediterranean makes it an ideal trade and logistics center, while membership of the European Union offers additional benefits for international businesses and citizens.

Good food and rich culture

Quality of life

Not forgetting Cyprus’ delicious Mediterranean cuisine, which is a real treat for the palate with fresh local ingredients and aromatic spices.

All in all, Cyprus is the place to enjoy life to the fullest. With its unique combination of natural beauty, cultural diversity, modern infrastructure and a warm way of life, Cyprus is undoubtedly an attractive place to live.